Green Velvet’s Pop-Up Shop at Paradise & Gell: A Green Twist to Your Furniture Shopping

This autumn, something fresh, lush, and green is coming to Paradise & Gell, and it’s not the new upholstery range. As the leaves change and start to fall outside, indoor plant lovers have a reason to celebrate because the renowned Green Velvet is opening its doors, albeit temporarily, at Paradise & Gell.

What’s the Buzz?

For those unfamiliar with Green Velvet, it’s not just an indoor plant company. It’s an experience. Specialising in indoor plants, Green Velvet is for those who believe that greenery is not just decoration but a way of life.

This weekend, they are bringing this green experience to the heart of our furniture shop with a pop-up outlet!

A Match Made in Décor Heaven

Paradise & Gell has always been a front-runner in home décor and furnishing. Our collaboration with Green Velvet indicates a fresh perspective on holistic home decorating. Plants are not just an afterthought or a decorative element; they are integral to the space, breathing life and energy into every nook and corner.

Mark Your Calendars!

For all plant enthusiasts and home décor lovers, this weekend of the 7th and 8th of October promises to be a delightful blend of furniture shopping spiced up with the lushness of indoor plants.

Head to Paradise & Gell on Michael Street, Peel and explore the Green Velvet pop-up. It’s a limited-time event, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on the green magic!