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Due to the variety of fibre and fabrics used, it is recommended that you use a specialist upholstery cleaning company for your sofa. If you have purchased Premier Care Fabric Treatment, please seek advice from Castalan Group before cleaning your upholstery. Covers should never be washed or dry cleaned as this can damage the fire retardent treatment, fade colours and effect the finish of the fabric. Where zips are fitted, this is generally for the ease of manufacturer and does not necessarily mean that the cover is removable for cleaning.


A light vacuum with an upholstery attachement fitted once a week will help remove any dust that has settled on the fabric.


Premier Care Upholstery Protection is available at £35 per seat for a complete 5 year cover. Please get in touch for further information.


Natural Characteristics of Leather

As you probably know, real leather is an organic product. It breathes and has a natural warmth, retaining individual characteristics which are part of the charm and beauty of a real animal hide.

However, as a natural product, leather often displays markings from its past and as it becomes older, leather softens which in turn enhances its natural beauty.

After just a few weeks you'll find more wrinkles and creases have formed in the leather, particularly in the seating areas. This is known as a puddling effect and is exactly what you would expect from fine leather.  In fact, it's perfectly normal for cushions to loose as much as 20% of their density within the first 2 months.


General Maintenance

It's always a good idea to make sure you plump up the cushions as often as you can, as you would with a pillow. Brushing leather with a soft brush is also recommended to remove surface dirt and dust.

Don't be surprised to see creasing appear in the seats and back cushions as this is the result of everyday flexing and is a natural characteristic of the leather.


Useful Tips


  • Avoid sitting on the edge of the cushions or arms as this may cause distortion or permanent wear.
  • Avoid placing sharp objects such as toys, jewellery, buckles and heels onto the leather.
  • Greasy hair products can also damage the surface.
  • As many of you know, domestic pets sometimes have a habit of clawing or climbing on the furniture, this should be prevented to minimise damage.
  • Any household spillages should be cleaned up with a cloth and warm water.
  • Use the appropriate upholstery attachment to vacuum your furniture on a weekly basis.



When cleaning , avoid using baby wipes or other household cleaning products on leather. Always use an approved specialist product that has been designed for the applicable upholstery leather.


Sunlight and Heat

Your leather furniture should not be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods, as this may result in colour fading. You can protect it by drawing curtains or blinds when the sun is particularly bright indoors.

It's also best to avoid placing hot cups or plates onto leather as this can cause damage.

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