About us

Paradise & Gell has been providing the island with quality, affordable furniture and beds for almost half a century. Our Michael Street Peel showroom rambles over three floors and showcases the very best in design, with a wide range of modern and traditional furniture. 

Our examples of room settings are thoughtfully imagined to cater to all tastes, from minimalist apartments to more traditional country home setups, and amongst the more conventional pieces of furniture sit items that are redolent of New York loft spaces, pairing bold colour palettes with industrial-inspired design.

We stock some of the biggest names in living and dining room furniture, including Parker Knoll, who are renowned for their handcrafted, premium furniture; G Plan, who are pioneers of the highest level of comfort and quality sofas and chairs; Skovby, a Danish brand, who excel in creating sleek, minimalist furniture; and Stag, the quintessential British brand. We are also renowned as the island’s leading stockist of Harrison Spinks beds. 

Whilst some of our premium products come with matching price tags, we also have a wide range of beautiful, quality-made furniture to suit every budget.

Our principles

Our principles define how we run our business. They are as relevant today as they were when they were set out by our founder, Jim Paradise, in 1974.

We aim to deal honestly with our customers and to secure their loyalty and trust by providing outstanding choice, value and service.

Business relationships
We aim to conduct all of our business relationships with integrity and courtesy and to honour scrupulously every business agreement.

Our employees
We aim to employ people of ability and integrity who are committed to working together and to supporting our principles. We aim to recognise individual contributions and reward them fairly.

The community
We are proud to be based in Peel on the beautiful Isle of Man and aim to contribute to the wellbeing of the community where possible.


Some frequently asked questions

Why don't you sell Online?

Let’s be honest; there can be upsides to purchasing online. These include convenience, reduced prices (in some but not all cases), a wider selection and the ability to read reviews.  Sounds great, right?  Well, yes and no.  Before you hit “purchase,” it’s worth considering some of the pitfalls.

Easily the biggest downside is that you can’t see, touch or feel something before you buy.  This is particularly important when purchasing a bed.  Given that the right mattress for you will vary depending on your preferred sleep position, health conditions, and personal preferences, buying a mattress without testing it out first requires a big leap of faith.  Sleeping partners also have their mattress preferences, and it can feel a bit like you’re Goldilocks searching for the mythical bed that’s “just right.”

Let’s say you buy a mattress online, assemble it in the bedroom, and sleep on it for a few nights only to discover that it isn’t comfortable, will the company you bought it from take it back?  Some companies promise a free pick up and no-fee returns service, but this can be a complicated process, often with hidden costs.  Also, how are they covering the cost of your no-fee return given that a returned bed cannot, or at least should not be resold as a new mattress?  Put another way, is the cost of other peoples no-fee returns being built into the price of your bed?

Finally, have you considered what happens if there’s a problem with your delivery, or during a guarantee period?  Most manufacturers will provide post-sale support on the mainland, but don’t have agents on the Isle of Man. You could find yourself having to organise and potentially pay for something to be sent back to the seller for a repair. 

So in answer to the original question, we’ve chosen not to sell online because we want to secure our customer’s loyalty and trust by providing outstanding choice, value and service with a personal touch.

About Us

“Good customer service is good for business”

Keith Paradise, Managing Director